Sunday P.M.

Jefferson Ave

Pierre, SD

     Dear Papa,

         Please observe my address Mama probably told you about us.  the Rad[?] kids came down with small pox just after you left and when Irene & I were at school they notefied us that we were homeless, so we packed up and came out to granpa's and are running an orphans home.

Boc. Sermon this AM at M.E. Church Whetsomb[?] preaches it and it was dine.  The Seniors marched in cap and gowns and sat in a body for the service.  It's hotter than blazes today.  The yellow roses are out, tell grandpa.  Do you see him every day?  I guess I'll drop him a card too   Uncle Hugh is quarranteened at home with Aunt Emma who has been sick with small pox.  They wont get out in time for graduation as she is still in bed.  Ol Gee had a party at Whitings Friday night and another at Leland Walkers (Kermit Nelsons sister)  Monday night


just one more morning to get up early for High School Mon is last day.  is all.  Hope you geel better.  Write soon.  With Love Cathy

am lying on my stomach on the bed    Excuse scribble


[Also in the same envelope was an invitation to her graduation]


[Embossed Pierre HS logo on card]

The Class of Nineteen Hundred and Twenty two

Pierre High School

announces its Commencement

Thursday evening June the first

City Auditorium


[And a card with her name on it in fancy script]


Miss Frances C. Green