Okobojo SD
Sat. July, 28 - 1919  [George would have just turned 10]

Dear Papa, when are you coming home? We are all rite the little pigs are hogs when it come to feeding them milk I made them a trough so they cant spill the milk.

Bunches want me to help them tacke some cattle to pierre some time next week but I guess I cant for moma cant spare me.

Grandpa gave Cathie and me each to bannanas

I save up money fore a dog I can get one fore five dollars. 
I have the hay rack all fixed up. 
I have engaged a hay dropper of alex. 
I don't think we will have much of a corn crop fore we haven't had any rain since you left. 
I hope you can earn an other 25 cent piece fore peiling spuds.

To preachers are coming to our place in the morning Mr. Dockem is fedin a other preacher.

Preachers are coming to our house fore dinner.

If I could help take them cattle to pierre I could earn my dog in to days.