STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA                       State of South Dakota

 GREAT SEAL                                            House of Representatives.


Pierre, Jan 29 1899


Well boys I will try and write you a few lines this after noon  I am at the state house I stay here the most of the time In the day time  It takes me from eight to nine o clock every night to do my work here at the capital It is not very hard work but a fellow has to be there all the same and tend to his nitting.  Three dollar and fifty cents is not picked up every day  all I wish it would last twelve month instead of two)  to day is sunday and I dont have very much to so on sunday  there is a bout a dozen members here in the room at the presant there is some here pretty neare all the time  Tom Goddard is one of oure leading members


Well Boys I see by the papers that you fellow are a bout to have trouble with the natives and Insergents   well if you do be very careful and don't let them get the advantage of you   for they are a tretcheris set of Devils and if you do get In contact with them shield youre selvs when you can   it is a credit to a soldier when in a battle to protect him self and give them thunder


The Funeral prosesion past here Just a few minutes a go  Burbary the shoe & boots man died day before yesterday he had some thing like the hart deseas   Mr goodness little girle died a bout a week a go there has bin quite a number sick here this winter the okobojo folks was all well a few days a go


I have had a very seveare cold for the past two or three weeks but I am all right now  I never had to stop work)  There has bin quite a change in the weather in the last three or foure days  it is pretty cold yesterday morning it was twenty 20 below and this morning it was seixteen 16 below


There is a little skift of snow on the ground But it is likeley to warm up in a few days) well Boys I guess that I will quit for this time hoping to here from you as often as a posable hope this will find you both well and Injoying good helth and all the other boys) this leaves us all


J.S. Green to W.H. and C.B. Green


Pierre, Jan 30, 1899

This is monday morning all well and hope you are all well   well boys we had mr Branch from olivet with us last night he is a brother of charlie Branch  he said that charlie folks was all well and the old neighbors was all well old mr george is dead he died a bout two weeks a go Branch is chief clerk of the enrolling and grossing committy of the house) no more at present

JS Green