Pierre S Dak                                                                                                                 Hughes co
                                                                                                         July 26th 1898

My Deare boyes we received your letter of the 19 inst  to day and was glad to here from you and here that you was well we are well and hope that this will find you well) those pictures we got them yestorday these are the plainest ones that we have got that is of the company I could pick the most of them out before we got your letter teling us how to count them) I have got your claim all fenced in that is I have one wire around it and that will keep horses In and that is all I exspect to do with it you wanted to know how Gordis crops was, well he wont have any wheat and but vary litte corne his potatoes looks all right we have had the most hard and hotest winds this spring and summer than we have for several yeares) the fellows over in Harlow neighbor hood say they have the poorest crops that they have had for yeares,  Darle is working for John Newell he Is puting up hay)  Hugh says he has wrote to yo boys) I saw courtney yestorday and I toled him that you said you had never heard a word from him since you left home he said he wrote to you when you was at sioux falls and once sence you left there and tole you all about the incampment 

I dident get to put this letter in the post office last night so I will finish it now and take it to the office) we Just received youre letter of the 22scn telling us that you was A board of the ship and exspected to pull out the next mornig at 9.o clock well I hope that you will all have a good time But I exspect by this time there is several on board is heaving out old Jona)       

write - as often as you can     

                                                                                    my best    


                                                                                                to all

                         J  S  Green to

                  W. H and C. B Green