Pierre S Dak

                                                                                    August 14th 1898

well my Deare boys

I will write you a Few lines this evening to let you know when you get this that we are well  well at this time and hope that when you get out you will be all right and feeling all right and In good spirits I suppose you all know what it is to be sea sick I see in to days daily tribune that you left honolulu for manila august 3th and that is the first that we have heard from you sense you left Frisco

I hope we will get a letter from you in two or three days  it has bin a long tine sense we heard from any of you and it will be longer for you to here from us thane it will be for us to here from you but I hope when you do get through you will get several letters from us for we have sent one every week) this one I am going to send by the way of hong kong and I think It will go through quicker than the way we have bin sending them) well I suppose you will here that peace has bin Declared before you get this letter  Secretary Day and anbassador cambon and mcKinley has signed the papers of agreement of the terms of peace so I am inhopes that you boys will get home  by the time snow flyes)  I dont want any of you to reinlist  I exspect that they will try to make you fellow believe you will half to stay your two yeares but if you enlisted for two yeares or durring the war when the war is over your tine is out you want to keep youre eyes open and dont let them come any gouge game on you  I guess that I will go up to okobojo this coming week and help Darbe put up hay  It looks like that it keeps me just a bout half of the time up to and on the road to okobojo) the Grass is vary light the wheat harvest is over there was but little wheat cut

I hope by next week when we write we will here from you and have a letter to answer there is nothing new going on here in pirre only there are putting up a flouring mill) I hope you will keep well

write as often as you can tell howard I stayed all at his place the other night and they were all well his ma sais there had written him a letter evry week sense you left Frisco) so I will quit for this time) my best wishes to you all from your pa)

J S Green to W. H and C. B Green