Pierre S. Dakota

                                                                                      August 30th 1898

well Boys I will try and write you another letter we rote you a letter last week and we have Sent you a letter every week sense you left sanFransisco but I dont exspect that you have got half of them I see by the papers that you got to manila the 23th Inst, I hope you are all well and in good helth and all right I suppose you have heard that Peace is Declared or reather an armistic untell the connissioners meets and then they will decide what will half to be don there is to be five 5[?] from each side) president mcKinley has selected foure of his comnissioners) they are Day  Davis  Fryre [?]  Reid and Justice white is likey to be the Fifth one)  Spain hasent maid there choice yet or they havent published there names yet) the comnissioners are to meet at paris not later than the first of october but before you get this you will here all a bout it we are anxious to get a letter from you but we half to wait and give it time to get here  Charlie we received thoes things you Sent from Honolulu thoes bugs and Frog and hand bag and slippers all right they are quite a curiousity well buy I dont want you to reinlist for I think you fellows have don your part or will have by the time they get a round to mustering you out they cant tell how many troops they will half to have untell after the commissioners meet and then they will half to have troops station at thoes Islands and I exspect that youre officers will try to make you fellows believe that they can keep you the two yeares but they cant do it for your tine is out whenever hostillitie Seases and peace is declaired thoes officers sutch as Capt and colons that is getting big pay would like to stay  but I think that you can make more money here or some other plase than you can in the servis and I think by the time you get home you have seen enough to be satisfied to Settle down to some kind of buisness in some good place

this leaves us well and hope it will find you all well and in good helth) we got thoes Honolulu papers you sent us)  I send my best Respects to you all

write when you can 

            J. S. Green to

             W. H. and C B. Green