Pierre So Dak

                                                                  Sept 26th     1898

well  my Boys I will write you another letter this morning it is the same old story we havent heard from you yet there havent bin any word come to pierre from any of the barges[?] yet but I think that we are liable to get word any day) we are all well and in hopes that you are well and in good helth and all the other boyes the okobojo folks is all well youre ma and I was up to youre uncle Johns yestorday and stayed all night tell Frank howard and Jessey that I send my best respect to them and would be glad to get a letter from them well I dont know what to write politicks is the most talk now days I suppose you will see who the candidats is be foure you get this letter  I have the Capital Journal sent evry week right from the printing office to you and you will see who they are the pops[?] hasent brought thirs candiats out yet but sully county has there convention to day and to morrow there meet at blunt to have ther Dristrict convention so next week we will know who there candidates will be there

is quite a stur in pierre at the present time there is quite a number of cattle being shifed from here there is some three thousand 3000 head being shifed at the presant time)

it is vary hot and dry here) old mr warren died vary sudent / a bout a week a go) well your ma sais I can tell you the latest news there is nothing new only that John sutherland has gon over to the pops he is coming out Independent candidate for the senit this next winter in the leglistator

well boyes we are gitting a long all right hugh is still with gus and I think he will stay with him all winter  I think as long s he has it as easy as he has it now he had better keep his Joeb

no more at this time write when you can

                         J S Green to

                         W. H and C. B. Green