Laurel S. D.
Feb. 24, 1901

    Friend Will,

     I arrived at this place about an hour ago.  I had quite a pleasant trip, quite different from our trip last Sunday, then as I did not come on to Laurel Charlie brot me in the morning and you know how stormy it was, he also came for me Friday and that was worse than ever, so you see I have been quite weather beaten lately, but as spring is so near I can stand it a little longer.  My Pierre trip did me good, i have been quite good natured at school since, went thru with another examination without getting very cross. 

In the morning I begin on the last months work.  The time spent here has seemed quite short and I think I have enjoyed this school more than any other.  Of course there have been some ripples o n the surface but nothing serious.

If the weather had been nice I would not have excused you for not attending the Supper, as it was, Mr. Eakin came and did not find the ride very uncomfortable.  The attendance was not very large, they made only $15.00.   Quite a number of the people are sick around Okobojo, the Grippe seems to be very impartial, so far I have escaped, but I will not boast for fear my turn will yet come.

I am very much pleased that you sent me a journal of the "Third House" I was wishing I could get copies of the bills introduced and was thinking I would ask you about it, so was pleasantly surprised when it came.   My Laurel and Okobojo folks all enjoyed it very much.  Hal appreciated the wolf bounty bill in a very audible manner.  

So Hugh has found a land fairer than Sully Co., has he?  I am rather surprised as I thot all the boys would be back to stay this spring.  In what part of the Hills s Black Hawk?  I can not find it on the map.  

Mr. Beyers dropped the stage line.  his yellow horse could not keep up, so he had to quit, De Reimer has the charge of it now and it is quite an improvement I hope it will not change hands again while I am here.  Mr. Pankow has been helping Sutton put up ice the last week and is now here, to work for Ms. J

Mr. Smith informed me last night that the evangelist Mr. Walker will be here next week to hold revival meetings.  Mr. Smith begins the meetings at Lewiston to night they will continue there for a couple weeks, then will begin at Okobojo, Mr, Smith was trying to figure to hove the meetings there about the time my school is out so I could attend and I hope it can be arranged.  He says Mr. Walker is one of the best evangelists he ever heard, I told him he would have to be a good one if he accomplished any thing at Okobojo, I did not tell him why, tho.  If the weather stays nice Mr. Pankow will take us to Lewiston to church some evening this week or next.  

The Elder is expected to preach at Okobojo next Sat. night and in that case I may get to hear a sermon once more.   I left just as the bell was ringing for church to day and I wished could stay.  Mr. Smith's horse died this last week it ran into the wire fence and was injured fatally.  I do not know what they will do now, she says they will have to walk.  

Have you attended all the lectures at the M. E. Church?

I saw McMacken last night and he was not armed that I noticed.  I have not seen Susie yet.  

I was quite surprised that night in Pierre when I went in the house (after Gaffy had run you in) to find that Mr. E. and Kitty had taken a short road and entered the kitchen and were there waiting for me.  Yes I realize that you like "to talk at close range in a long time"

Now I have written an extra long letter.  I will not take up any more of your time and patience.

                                              Yours Truly,

                                            Margaret Glessner