July 24, 1917

 My dear Will,

            This is one of those nice summer days when a good old time hot wind is blowing, and we can keep warm with out much fire, nice and dry too Good old Dakota “good old summer time.”

            Well we were as usual very glad to get your letter to Willis and the rest of us always read your letters over two or three times.  Usually we all stay in, in the afternoon but as we have some extra work, Cathie went to the office this afternoon, Willis went with her as she said it was so lonesome with nearly everybody gone to the circus.

            C.R. Garnes got the hay land for us, and asked for the $10.00 at our early convenience so I sent him a check right away.  I didn’t want to risk losing it. 

Geo. Bunch, Dick Matthier, Jim & Owen Uptime Ed Varne Kenneth Matus Bob Goddard, and it is reported but not settled that Tom Jeff and Ernest Garret were drawn in the draft.  I will try to find out for sure about the Garrett boys before I mail this letter.  It hardly seem likely to me that all those boys from our family would be drawn.

            I am so glad you are getting better, how fine it will be to have you home with your aches and pains cured.  You must content yourself and not worry about us.  Just think even Hal’s rode up Sunday night to inquire about you.  If we run out of water I am going to try to get Dick to haul us a tank if he won’t I’ll try to other “handy man.”  We have plenty of water at present and I washed by hand yesterday to save water. 

            It looks as tho we would not have any rain, such a pity when one good soaking would have made a good crop. 

There are two sweet peas blooming today in spite of the dry weather a white and purple.  I must pick them.

It was a much pleasanter day 15 years ago than it is today. 


Much love        Madge.