Okobojo Times 
May 5, 1904 - 

The capital question is one that needs settling to stay settled.  The agitation of removal on the argument that a great area of the state is bad, is an unpardonable insult to the thousands of settlers who have built homes in the abused section and who know the county has a great future ahead.  The Mitchell cry against the western movement is against the government’s policy of opening reservations and new country that the rapidly increasing population of the west may have homes, and against the plan of the government in spending millions of dollars to make the still farther western section of the west blossom as the rose.  The great Salvation Army society sees prosperity and happiness for thousands of its people on land farther west than the maligned and abused section that Mitchell claims is unproductive, or nearly so.  The spirit of the age is to push out and take the land.  There is no section of the state but what will ere long be settled upon and made productive if it is not so now.  The town or persons who claim otherwise lack courage or are talking for selfish purposes.                             – Miller Sun.