Okobojo Times 
Sept. 24, 1903 -

Pie Social and Ball Game

On Saturday afternoon Oct 3rd there will be a matched game of ball between the old men of Fair bank and the old men of Okobojo at the Lewiston school house, also a pie social in the evening for the benefit of the M. E. Church.  They say there are no fools, like old fools, so if you want to see some fun and have a good time you had better be present.  


Pierre was quite well represented on Old Settlers day the following is a partial list:  Messrs I. M. Dotson, D. Lynott, F. Sutherland, W. Moore and Bay Lytle: Mesdames Lytle and Edson; Misses Grace Samuels, DeEtte Lytle, Cora Dotson, Icaphine Bunch, Letta Schauk and Daisy Latta.

Old Settlers Meeting. 

The morning of the day set apart for the annual gathering of the Old Settlers Association dawned without a cloud after six weeks of almost continuous rain.  The gathering was a notable one, it being the 20th anniversary of Sully county.  Not as large a number gathered as usual, owing to the necessity the farmers were under to make use of every fair day that may occur.   [Some words are obscured here by the fold of the paper] was a fair delegation from Pierre most of whom came up every year to assist in this annual festival.

The heavy crops of the year made every one feel jubilant and a more enjoyable occasion has never been held.

The new faces of the new residents was a pleasing and hopeful feature of the celebration, a forerunner of the many new faces that will be added to this company each year as the days rush on into the future.

The absent faces touched the tender cords of remembrance of those who were among the throng last year some of whom have passed over the great divide, others gone into other fields neither better nor fairer.

After the merry dinner hour the feature of the afternoon was the address Hon. C. E. DeLand, who came to supply the place of Duane Robinson who was unavoidably detained by other business.  Nothing of greater interest could have been brought before our people.  Mr. DeLand reviewed the History of Sully Co. and the state from the earliest recorded date 1739, when Le Leur mapped out the trail from the Mississippi to Fort Pierre, down to the present time, this providing that our history extends much farther back than any one had supposed.

A hearty vote of thanks was extended to Mr. DeLand by the audience, responsive to their appreciation of the subject. 

The address of welcome by W. H. Spencer, of Fairbank was filled with reminiscences of the past parallels as found in the pioneer life of the other states, and with great hope and faith in the future growth and continued prosperity of Sully Co.

This was ably responded to by Mr. Mitchell, who tho a resident for eh county but a year has proven himself in touch with the best interest of Sully Co. and of the true Dakota spirit.  He paid the people of Okobojo and Sully Co. a just tribute of appreciation of the royal welcome he received as a stranger upon his coming, the welcome extended to every worthy man or woman who may decided to make Sully Co. his home.

The business meeting consisted mainly of the lection of the officers for 1904.

   John Garner--President,
   Mrs. V.M. McGall--V. Pres,
   H.D. Enoe--Secretary,
   Issac McGannon--Treasurer.

It was voted to hold the next meeting at Onida at the call of President.  Upon motion, meeting adjourned, after which the Field sports place according to program.

The principal feature of the sports was the game of ball between the Onida and Okobojo teams which was won by the Okobojo nine by a score of 14 to 27,   The horse race was won by the Alman horse of Peoria bottom. The pony race by Earnest Garrett. The foot race by Joe Marso, of Harrold.  The boys race by Harry Persson, The Little boys race by Keneth Mateer.

In the evening the largest dance of the season was held.  The Peck orchastry was here, giving the best of music.  On the whole the meeting was a great success.