By R. J. Courtney ca. 1923

Many who filed on land left soon after they had acquired title to it. What became of many of them is not known here.

O. S. Stewart filed on the NE of 1. Mr. Stewart returned to Ohio where he became a prosperous farmer. His death occurred five years ago.

D. M. Smith filed on NW of 1. He was a successful tree planter and set out trees on many tree claims. He moved to Humboldt, S. D. He was at one time sheriff of Sully county.

J. W. Carpenter filed on SW of 1. Carpenter by name as well as by trade. Some of the buildings that he constructed are still standing. He moved to California. Mrs. Carpenter died the past season.

Henry Bossier, NE of 2. Also a carpenter. Moved to Tampa, Fla.

Howard Corey returned to Fostoria, Ohio, where he is still engaged in the mercantile business.

A. D. Harpold and his brother-in-law moved to Washington. He is in the mercantile business.

Fred Fagner resides on the land on which he filed. He has been remarkably successful as a farmer.

William Fagner, uncle of Fred Fagner, is still living on the land on which he settled. He is still a single man.

Thomas Porter, SE of 7. He was killed by lightning Aug. 7, 1887.

Annie Kelley, NE of 10, married D. M. Smith and moved with her husband to Humboldt, S. D.

Henry Green, NW of 3, moved to Jefferson, Iowa. His death occurred about two years ago.

Ed Kelley, NW of 10, was a brother of Annie Kelley. He moved to Washington.

M. E. Pershing returned to his former home in Pennsylvania and died there about ten years ago.

B. F. Barnes moved to Miller, S. D. I have been informed by a son that his parents are both dead.

N. J. Willets, NW of 12, became a merchant at Clifton, and moved his store to Okobojo. Later he entered the ministry and subsequently moved to Canada.

Frank Bruner, SE of 12, married Laura Mosely. They moved to Huron where he entered the employ of the railroad company.

James C. Bruner married Annie Spencer. They moved to Chicago where Scott died about ten years ago.

L. H. Bruner was the first elected sheriff of Sully county. He moved to Nebraska where he engaged in the livestock business.

Wm. M. Courtney, NW of 14, returned to Green Springs, Ohio. He was here recently and noted many changes.

Johnathan Owen, SW 14, moved to Bloomville, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Owen lived to advanced ages. They died twelve years ago.

Levi Wheeler, NE of 15, moved to Iowa and engaged in the undertaking business. He is reported now as deceased.

N. H. Thornton, SW of 15. His family moved to Bridgeport, Washington. They are living a retired life.

Alvin Erb, NW of 18, moved to Big Timber, Montana. Mr. Erb served as sheriff of Sully county for two terms.

John W. Glessner, NE of 18, was editor of the Okobojo Times. Mr. and Mrs. Glessner passed away a few years since.

R. M. McGannon, SW of 21, engaged in the grocery business at Okobojo. Failing health obliged him to quit. He died 6 years ago.

Isaac McGannon, NE of 21, is now living in Pierre with his daughter, Delia, who is the wife of Robert E. Bagby.

Ernest D. Owen was for some time merchant and postmaster at Okobojo. He died quite suddenly.

Susan McGannon, SE of 21, married George Stine. They are now living in Minneapolis.

Dr. H. G. Pease and son, George H. Pease, filed on all of section 24. The family moved to Tacoma. The doctor and his wife died, each at the age of ninety years. He had a good practice while living in Sully county.

Milo Trumble, NW of 28, is now living in Iowa township. He has been successful as a cattle raiser.

John Groseclose, SW of 28, is living in Nebraska.

John S. Green sold his farm to his oldest son, Will, and moved to Pierre where he now lives.

Henry Rohrer, NE of 35, moved to Columbiana, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Rohrer are still in fair health.

James Boughten, SW of 23, and son-in-law, W. E. Ker, moved to Harvey, Illinois. He was a veteran of the Mexican and Civil wars. Both he and his wife are now dead.

R. M. J. Tallman and family, section 24, moved to Pierre. We understand that Mr. Tallman is dead.

S. B. Carson engaged in the real estate business at Pierre. He died about four years ago.

D. D. Bryant, when last heard of, was living in Minneapolis.

It is noticeable that many of those who filed on land here forty years ago have passed away.