Pierre, S. D.

Jan 20,1899

    Well I will try and write a few lines this morning wee received your letters yesterday dated 8 and 14th also your pictures  I think they are pretty nice we was glad to here from you and here you was well and hope and pray you will keep well   well Charlie I hope you and Howard had a pleasant trip and enjoyed your selves while taken in the sights   I hope you fellows will get sleep and rest enough so you want be tired when you get home   Alpha was down in pierre yesterday the folks are all right up there and haveing lovely times  I dont know wheather the young folks will all be married or not before you get home I suppose they will keep you posted on That   I hear so much about this one and that one being engaged and haveing engagement rings that it makes me nearly sick well I am sorry for Jes if he had the earache thats to bad but I hope Frank had a good sleep and Will got quieted so he could take a nap to     Well try and have a good time and take care of your selves and I think you will come out all right    Well your Pa was just up from the State house and said Rube and uncle Jim would be here for supper and stay all night with us.  Talk about hot weather there well it is so warm here that wee dont need much fire only to cook with I don't think wee have had fire in the heating stove a dozen times this winter, well I will have to quite and do something else Love to all so rite soon.  Ma