Pierre S. D.

                                                                                         August 30, 98

  Well I will Say a few words in answer to your letters wee were glad to here from you and here that you was well and I hope you will keep well wee are well and I am going to try and can some tomatoes and make some preserves wee will have quite a good many tomatoes and that is about all we will have  I dont know what you boys will eat when you get back you have ben liveing so hie that it will look rather Sliny [?] well Charlie we received all the trinkets all right  They are verry nice especly the Bugs They make me shuder

well I have not saw your Aunt Mat Since in May   I think I will go out there Soon  They are all well Darls wife was down Sunday night She Said They had a ragbe at Aunt Vicks on Saturday and every body was there and all were well and had a good time  wee have ben looking for your Grand Ma down but She cant come Till She gets her fruit put up and corn dried  Dasy wants to come and make a visit before She commences teaching and then I suppose I will have a good time  They are very Smart  I dont think Professer French could learn them any thing  Well I will quit for this time write Soon your Ma


To  W..H. and C. B. Green