Pierre S. D.

                                                                                        September 20

  Well  Boys I will try and write a few lines wee are all well hope you are all well and enjoying your selves all right  I am verry anxious to here from you wee was out to your uncle Johns Saturday night and stayd till after dinner yesterday  They are all well following there old trade herding and makeing hay but wee had a good visit all the Same.  The Pierre Schools commenced last Monday So there is quite a stir among the kids if I can I am going to get a girl to come and Stay with me and go to school if I can get the kind I want I dont want one that I will have to look after all the time but one that can take care of her self and be company for me when your pa is a way for he is a way quite a goodeel and you know he will have to see who is a head in politicks and way what do you boys think about it dont you think there is to much politicks mixed up in this war I do well charlie  John Sutherland was here the other day asking about you he Said he wanted to Send you Some papers and Stasionary your pa is up in town and he can tell you the latest news when he gets back I have company and will have to quit write soon and often love to all Mother

to the boys W H C B Green