No  1

                                                                                                        Okobojo S. D.

                                                                                                        July 25 - 1898,

            Chas. B. Green,

                        Dear Cousin Charlie:

            I am going to write to you this evening: although I hav'nt the least idea when you will even receive it, or whether you even will or not.  but never-the-less it will do no harm to write; hoping that you will receive it,.  I would have written before, but a telegram came to Pierre that you, started on the and we did not hear different until Saturday, the day you started, I thought there was no "hurry" about writing as it would be many weeks before you would receive it anyway.

            Zora and I are alone this evening  Pa went to Pierre this Evening, with Dan Smith & De Witt who have been here since Saturday, They are gonig home Thursday,  De Witt is quite a Kid.  he Kept wanting to go hunting all the time, we asked him what he would shoot, if he went hunting,  he said, "ducks wild bears & Spaniard's  he seemed to be more anxious to go hunting Spaniards than any thing else,  it is so dark, I can not see guess I will have to wait until mornig, Papa Glessner is coming

Tuesday 11-30 A.M. __ I will continue my letter.  it is rather doubtful about my getting it out on todays mail if I don't have too many costomers I probably will.

            Today is a lovely day, neither too hot or too cold.  had a nice rain Sat. night; it was burning hot before that.- we have all the garden vegetables we want; are going to have green beans peas, & potatoes for supper, (we will not have any dinner as Pa is not here) wish you was here to help eat them.  but where are you?  out in the middle of the Pacific I presume. and enjoying yourself I hope, I would like nothing better than to go as far as Honolulu with you, but I think by that time I would have all the ride on the water, that I would care for, hope you will stop a while at Honolulu, and get to see everything on the island & tell me about it when you come home.  I may want to go there to live sometime.

            Well I had to stop and get a lot of groceries for Old Man Ripley.   so I think getting this finished is hopeless today.

            Times are quite lively around Okobojo at present;  We had an

[We are missing the second half so we don't know who the author is.  I suspect it was Alex or Reuben McGannon because Zora is a McGannon and both boys worked at the Okobojo store.  However, he refers to papa Glessner at one point so it might be from a Glessner.  They were all cousins.]