[Clipping from the Onida newspaper]


The Edgar Guest of Sully County comes along with a current poem.



         Willis J. Green 


Some people think the kids today

Are getting worse in every way;

But I think kids are just the same,

As when their Granddads played the game.


When Granddad ran his wildest course

With Model T and saddle horse..

He didn't have the kind of power,

To go a hundred miles an hour.


But don't you think that if he had

He might've been worse or just as bad

As kids today that go their pace,

And down the highways wildly race.


Now in the days when Grandpa went

He earned what little cash he spent

Which usually was a small amount

And never had a bank account


And so he didn't stretch his luck

He knew the value of a buck.

Now if we'd get it through our dome

That most the trouble starts at home


Most every night the kids must go

With too much car and too much dough

With little thought of Pa or Ma 

And no respect for any law.


If kids were taught when they were small

That laws should be obeyed by all,

There wouldn't be so many wrecks

And Doctors fixing broken necks.


If we would take the kids and show

Them just what's meant by stop and go,

And why we have the road patrol

It might help us to keep control.


But we can always hope they will

Drive safely over screwball hill

And I still think the kids will be

As good a folks as you and me.