Greensboro N. C.

June 3, 1944

Dear George,

Lucille and me are at the hospital now with ma. She seems to be getting a little farther away all the time. Your letter came today telling of your fishing trip and of Minn [Minnietta] pulling out her fish all by her self. Ma smiled as tho to say she must be quite a girl. I showed her the line or two Minn rote and said that was a note from Minnie, She didn't say much but I could tell it pleased her. Her chin wrinkled up for a minutes in the part of your letter where you said you had got a card from her and it seemed good to see her own hand writing again, and hoped she wouldnt have any more spells.

I don't believe ma ever expects to get well, and I know I never have seen a better sport. when my time comes to go over to the other side, I hope I can be as good a soldier as ma.

Ma made quite a lot of good friends here in Greensboro. Every day some one sends her an arm full of the most beautiful flowers you ever saw, there are 3 big boquets in here now.

She has a very nice room in the Wessley Long hospital and the nurses are the best. She is getting every thing that money can buy. Cathie spends most of her time here at the hospital.

Cathie said that the circulation was getting so bad that every little impression left a big red welt. I just asked her if she wanted me to tell you any thing in this letter she said no she guessed not, she felt to miserable and the pains were starting again. Suppose the nurse will give her a hipo pretty soon.

She is still thinking of the other fellow tho, says its pretty hot in here and for Cile and me to go out for a walk in the cool air. Don't think we will tho. Until she gets resting better.

Will try to write again tomorrow - Willis