Okobojo, S D

                                                                                                                              Aug, 12,  1898

Dear Will,

            Another week has passed and we have not heard from you, but hardly expected too, I rejoice in thinking that we may have peace soon, and am very much in hopes you boys will be home inside of six months.

             I dreamed last night that you did come home and Oh how tickled we all were to see you, it seemed as if I could see you just as plain as if I had really been looking at you.

            I have an awful sore finger, and it is the first finger on my right hand so I can hardly write.

            Myrtle has gone up to visit Edith Blakemore today.  She wanted me to go with her, but I could not afford to go up there and watch Lizzie spread her mouth all the after-noon.

            Gertie Edson is up visiting in these parts now.  She makes her home out at Harlow's, I guess she is having a good time, for Old Lay Tilton said today she was going to stay another week.

          Martha Bunch has returned from school, but is still in Pierre.

              Della and I made a trip to Pierre this week,

            Pierre is more dead than Okobojo.

              The Cascarine Me. Co. is still with us, but guess it will not stay longer than this week.

            The Rev. Willit's have a little baby daughter.  Quite a blessing isen't it?

            There was a number of boys from Peoria bottom, started for North Dak. yestesday and among them was Dorr Towle and George Allerman.  We all hated to se them go.

               Al Holman is not going north.  He could not get the horses he wanted so gave it up.

             Alex and Uncle Isaac are putting up hay together, they have to go up on the Dan Smith place for it.

               The C. E social up at Crawford's was a success, there was a large croud and I guess most every body had a good time.

                Your Pa is up here now, I don't know what he has been doing.

Your little shanty is still standing.  Let me know when you are coming home and I will go up and scrub the floor and wash the windows.

             I must get ready for the show now, will write more if I have time.

            Sat. noon.  Have just finished my dinner so will try and finish this letter, so as to get it off on the stage.

            We did not have any show last night, for there was not a large enough croud but will show tonight.

             Myrtle said she had a real pleasant time up to Blakemore's yesterday and I think she certainly did have for she did not get home until dark last night.


              I got a letter from Lizzie Moseley the other day, and she told me tht Slim[Kim???] is to be married this fall, to a girl down there someplace.  Kim is in Orchard, Neb. now.  She [Lizzie] also, sent me another picture of herself.  I think she must get her picture taken every change of the moon.


         Nellie has gone home now.  She went last Tuesday.

         Well, I guess I will close for this time.  When I write every week there is not much news to tell.

          I will write again next week and am in hope by that time I will have heard from you.

                                                                        Yours as ever,

                                                                        Zora Mc Gannon

                                                                                    Okobojo. S. D.

                                                Give my love to the boys


 [NOTE from Jeanette:  I think Will and the boys must have really enjoyed getting letters from Zora.  To realize Zora was going to put the letter on the stage kind of startled me.  Sometimes we forget how different things were then.  Oh, yes, Zora had a distinct handwriting.  Often she would have a separated little line just in front of an "a" or a "g", etc.]