Okobojo, S. D.

                                                                                                Aug. 5,  1898

My Dear Cousin:

                        I feel the least like writing today than I ever did before, but I promised to write every week so must do it.  I am sick today but guess I will be alright after a while.

            The rest of the folks are all well as far as I know.

                        We are having entertainment in town every night this week, and I guess the Co. will stay all

all of next week too.  Every other night the entertainment is free

            The name of the Co is the Cascarine Medicine Company.  They try to sell their medicine every night.  but I hardly think they will sell very much of it.

            There are four actors in the Co., one lady and three gentlemen.

            They have a Cineograph which shows moving pictures.  that is quite good.

            Well, I suppose you /are sailing on the ocean now.  Were you very seas sick?

            How is the climate down in that country?

            Madge got the picture you sent her of the Co.  I think it is real good.  I expect you wonder how I knew you sent the picture,  Well, I happen to know your writing when I see it.

            Our choir did not go to Onida, but Daisy and I went, and had a real nice time.  We went over Sat. and staid unil Sun. evening.  I have given Olie Haken the G. B.  and have another fellow.  It is Daisy's brother-in-law.

            Miss Maggie Moseley has arrived, and is very nice, or at least, she seems to be.  She is nothing at all like the other Moseleys.  She is quite nice looking has good sence, and is about 25 or 30 years old.

            Our neighbor hood quarrel, is, coming around alright, the girls are a little touchy but we shall let them go.  They gave us a invition to the party.  When  We came to find out, what they were mad about.  it was nothing only they had heard that Daisy talked about Mr Harris and Roy Wilson.  And so they were mad at the whole family.

   Tell Howard that he turkey's are fine.  and we will have a fine roast when you boys come home.

                        Well, my head aches so, I cannot write any more, but will write again soon.

   Give my love to Howard Charlie, Chris, Jess Billie Frank, and Milt Sny and all the rest of the boys that I know.

   Now, write as often as you can.

X                                                                     Your loving cousin

        X                                                                  Zora Mc Gannon

                X                                                                 Okobojo, S. D.