All through the 1880ís Okobojo had been the central meeting place for western Sully County residents.    In 1890 they decided they needed a Town Hall so they founded the Okobojo Town Hall Association and started selling stock to raise money.  Soon they had enough money to build a fine Town Hall.  

This share certificate is one of two that John S. Green bought for $5 each.   

Unfortunately, the original Hall was completely destroyed by a "cyclone" on June 14, 1924.

According to Grandpa


George "The Town Hall was just a pile of scrap lumber in the street."   - page 69 of Georges Memoirs.     


From 1939 edition of "History of Sully County"

Replacement Hall circa 1930's

Town Hall March 17, 2001

Within a year the people of Okobojo once again combined their efforts and constructed a new Hall. Incredibly the replacement Hall is still there and it's changed very little.  It still has it's original interior paint, window coverings, hardwood dance floor, piano and coal burning furnace in the basement.  The Hall  also still sports it's original  mens and womens facilities - two holes per side. 
Today, the Town Hall is is owned by Mike Finley of the Finderosa Ranch.  Mike plans to turn it into a hunting lodge for his guide service.  He replaced the roof with a metal one a few years ago and he intends to insure the Hall will survive for another 75 years.  Thanks Mike.