Okobojo Times 
September 1903 - 
"Old Settlers Meeting...

From "75 Years of Sully County History"...It was voted to hold the next meeting at Onida at the call of President.  Upon motion, meeting adjourned, after which the Field sports place according to program.

The principal feature of the sports was the game of ball between the Onida and Okobojo teams which was won by the Okobojo nine by a score of 14 to 27.

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                             Okobojo Baseball Team

                                     1903 - 1907

Back row, left to right - George Bunch, Alex McGannon, Henry Groseclose(?) and 
Mont Groseclose

Middle row - Lawrence "Pete" Coleman, Robert Coleman, Dan Sheets and Ross Green

Front row - William Crawford and Rowley Owen.


From the looks of the top hat and the stogie, I'm guessing uncle Alex was the coach.