Pioneer Woman - From "75 Years of Sully County History"
Okobojo pioneer women circa 1900.  Great Grandma Madge is near the far left with her arms crossed.  Click on a name or face for a closeup.

She seemed to know, to accept, to welcome her position, the citadel of the family, the strong place that could not be taken.  …she had dignity and a clean calm beauty.  …as a healer, her hands had grown sure and cool and quiet; …as arbiter she had become as remote as faultless in judgment as a goddess.

   - John Steinbeck
     The Grapes of Wrath

From S.D. Capitol grounds.

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Top row, left to right – Mrs. Thomas Crawford, Edith Blakemore, Mrs. Clara Mateer Floyd, Stanley Mateer, Myrtle McGannon Glessner, and Pearl Mateer.  

Second row – Darb Green, Mrs. Joe Bunch, Mrs. Daisy Goddard Newell, DeEtte Lytle, Della McGannon Bagby, Maggie McGuire Tagg, Anna Floyd McEntee, Clara Mosely Warne, Carrie (McNutt) Owen, Mrs. Emert Owen, Mrs. Belle Mateer.

Third row – Mrs. Capitola Lytle, Madge Glessner, Susie Felton McMacken, baby Dorothy McMacken, Elizabeth McGannon, Dollie Crawford Crog, Mrs. J.M. Bagby, Mrs. F.E. Blakemore, Baby Emily Malick and Owens Malick.  

Fourth row – Fern Green, Hazel Mateer, Edwina Mateer Harry, Grace Mateer, Charlotte Crawford Sommers, Myrtle Crawford Eakin, Florence Owen, Henrietta Mateer Larson and Margaret Owen.

Floor - Unknown Terrier